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What started as a hobby became a local sensation for former stay-at-home moms Darcy Schein and Leslie Coale-Mossman when they started cooking together in 2010. After catering and teaching cooking classes out of a rented church kitchen, Darcy and Leslie began baking fresh pies for a variety of restaurants around Oklahoma City. Their word-of-mouth business grew exponentially and the women shifted their business to focus solely on pies by renaming the company Pie Junkie in 2011. In 2013, Pie Junkie moved to a permanent location in Oklahoma City’s vibrant Plaza District where it remains today.

Both Darcy and Leslie grew up in families that value the kitchen table and the connection family recipes can bring to individuals. Both women honor the traditional recipes they were taught from their grandmothers while working to stay innovative by developing new recipes such as their famous Drunken Turtle and Bird Dog Buttermilk pies.

Pie Junkie pies have been featured in People Magazine, Vogue, Travel + Leisure, USA Today, and Buzzfeed, as well as many other online outlets. Darcy and Leslie were also honored to represent Oklahoma at Google’s Small Business Meet-Up in 2017 and have continued to collaborate with Google on various local events. In their small 1000-square foot kitchen, Pie Junkie produces and sells over 100,000 slices of pie each year, as well as thousands of whole pies to customers in and around Oklahoma.


Just two moms

"We are a good mix of traditional and modern...We can easily make you a tasty cherry pie or you can try one of our unique creations like our Drunken Turtle Pie"


Our Location

The Plaza District

Pie Junkie is located in Oklahoma City’s bustling Plaza District on NW 16th Street between Classen Boulevard and Pennsylvania Avenue. The Plaza District boasts several blocks of small shops like Pie Junkie - each owned by local residents with local products, services, art and food. It is the hub for all things local in Oklahoma City.

Proudly crafting pies in OKC's Plaza District

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Pie Junkie

1711 NW 16th St Oklahoma City, OK 73106

(405) 605-8767

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