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Do you serve slices of pie?

Yes! We have an assortment of slices each day including best sellers like Drunken Turtle, Key Lime, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Coconut Cream, French Silk and Bird Dog Buttermilk. Fruit pies and quiche change daily, so call ahead if there’s a particular flavor you would like. We do sell out of flavors throughout the day, so feel free to call and pre-purchase a slice for same day pick up (holiday weekends are the exception). Please note, we are not able to hold slices or pies via social media.

If I call ahead, can I reserve a pie?

With the exception of holiday weekends, you certainly may! We are glad to hold pies and slices with pre-payment for same day pick up. Please note, we are not able to hold slices or pies via social media.

Do you deliver?

At this time, we do not offer delivery. For large orders or special events, we are glad to arrange delivery through an outside service. Please contact us in advance.

Why don’t you partner with PostMates?

We get this question quite often, and while we LOVE PostMates, it doesn't work for our business. Our flavors change daily and we frequently sell out of flavors or change offerings throughout the day.

How do I order a pie?

Feel free order one online! Click here to visit our online area.

How much is a pie?

Our whole 9” pies serve 6-8 people and range in price from $20 to $32. Slices served in the shop are baked in a larger deep dish pie plate and range from $4.00 - $5.00.

Do you have whole pies for sale?

Yes! They are first come, first served. We set a certain number out each morning and when they are gone, they’re gone! You are welcome to call us at 405.605.8767 to ask what pies we have in our case, and you may purchase one over the phone for same-day pickup. Holiday weekends are the only exception as we do not hold pies on days leading up to a holiday.

Do you have Chicken Pot Pie?

We offer "Take and Bake" chicken pot pies along with a variety of other flavors. We make them from scratch and freeze them so you can take them home and bake them when it's convenient. They are first come, first served out of our freezer case. You can pre-purchase one over the phone for same-day pickup when available!

Where else can I find your pies?

Slices of our pies are sold at Iron Starr and Fassler Hall.

Do you keep every pie in your case?

No. We have an extensive menu and bake several flavors each day, but we can't guarantee that every flavor will be available when you come in. If you have a specific pie that would like, your best bet is to place a special order.

Why do you run out of pie?

We are a small bakery. Very small. We bake a certain amount of pie slices and whole pies each day using the freshest seasonal ingredients. When they're gone, that's it for the day. If you need or want something specific, please consider placing an order.

Are any of your pies vegan or dairy free?

No. Everything we make has butter in it. :)

Do you offer any Gluten Free or Sugar Free pies?

So sorry, we don't.

How do I get a donation for our charity?

We direct all our charitable giving to non-profit organizations through our Pie it Forward program. Each month we host one Pie it Forward day where we donate a portion of sales plus pie vouchers to the designated organization for that month.

We collect applicants throughout the year and hold them until January when our staff votes for the upcoming year’s recipients. 

If you would like your registered non-profit organization to be considered, please e-mail your organization’s 501(c)3 designation letter and any supporting information to

Due to the high volume of requests received daily, gift certificate donations are also considered for the Pie it Forward program.

Preference is given to small, local 501(c)3 nonprofits. 

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